Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The InfinitiesThe Infinities by John Banville
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Infinities?? Yes, there could be many as worlds could be. Like at Arden, where old Adam is lying on his deathbed, while the Greek Gods are continuing their demiurgic jobs. Where life is never ending, though the death is pretty close. Where gods and people are the same: half funny and half gloomy, half smart and half stupid, unpredictable. Pretty normal, could be said. Banville created this mixed universe full with “the mysteries of the others” using his unmistakable style, which consists of a smart dosage between dark humour and optimistic poetry. I found this book both intellectual and funny and I loved the characters: especially Rex, the dog (who else?), that seemed to be the most intelligent creature from Arden. However I felt some flaws, a kind of inconsistency in the way in which narration develops. But this is only Hermes’ guilt! :)
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Unknown said...

Dar, având în vedere că Hermes a fost și el un hoț la drumul mare, cred că va fi îngăduitor cu structura narativă.:)